Nurse Practitioner Julie DeVuono Pleads Guilty To Forgery, Money Laundering, and Prescribing Herself Opioids

The Sufflok County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release on September 15, 2023 that is astonishing and sad. Nurse Practitioner Julie DeVuono who lives in Amityville New York has pled guilty to several felonies and will never practice in the State of New York again. See the press release here:


The press release sums up the bad stuff:

“Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Julie DeVuono Also Illegally Prescribed Herself Opioids

(SUFFOLK COUNTY, N.Y.) – Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney today announced that Julie DeVuono, 51, of Amityville and her corporation Kids-On-Call Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, P.C., doing business as Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare, pleaded guilty to forging COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards for money together with her guilty plea to Money Laundering in the Second Degree for laundering those proceeds of the sales of the forged cards to benefit herself. DeVuono also pleaded guilty under a separate indictment to one count of Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First Degree, after she had illegally obtained prescriptions for Oxycodone for herself in the name of relatives.

“This defendant used her position as a nurse practitioner to circumvent the law by uploading false information into New York state-wide databases,” said District Attorney Tierney. “The defendant’s abuse of authority preyed upon the fears and mistrust of the public during the COVID shutdown to forge COVID cards for the vaccine she never administered, in pursuit of no other purpose than her own enrichment….”

DeVuono’s punishment:

“As a result of DeVuono’s criminal conduct, she and the corporation have agreed to forfeit criminal proceeds totaling the sum of $1,252,540.63. The criminal proceeds include United States currency and bank account funds previously seized along with equity that DeVuono paid off on her Amityville home. DeVuono also surrendered her professional licenses as a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Professional Nurse to the New York State Department of Education. She also surrendered her certificate of incorporation as a professional service corporation in New York State, which includes as a condition of her plea to immediately shut down her pediatric office Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare. She is no longer permitted to practice in the medical field in New York.

DeVuono is due back in court on November 17, 2023, when Justice Collins is expected to sentence her to six months of incarceration, with alcohol and narcotic conditions imposed, and with 840 hours as a community service alternative that will be completed during her probationary supervision term of five years. DeVuono will also pay a total of $15,000 in fines. Kids-On-Call Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, P.C. will be sentenced to three-year conditional discharges.”

First, the sad part. The press release cites the guilty plea of Nurse Practioner Julie DeVuono, to felonies and drug possession, after she was praised by parents in Amityville as well as elsewhere on Long Island as a wonderful caregiver for their children for many years. Her career is now over. Why do I feel bad for Julie DeVuono? I see a woman whose life is ended as she knew it, and for what? I cannot imagine why she decided to create and/or participate in this scheme unless she perhaps believed she would never get caught, as her husband worked for the NY Police Department. I don’t know, and I am baffled.

Second, I have been shocked at the news of her actions since I first heard about it in April 2022 when 25 (then 30+) Department of Education employees asked for my help in correcting their being put on leave without pay without any notice and with no underlying crime to warrant such a sudden removal from salary. I spoke to all 30 Petitioners in the case, and I believe all of them got vaccinated and are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Teachers Accused of Faking Their COVID Vaccination Deserve Due Process

However, innocence doesn’t always mean the end of the story as far as the NYC DOE is concerned. They may charge any of the 92 with being unvaccinated and try to make a deal where the accused pays a fine in order to go back to work. This type of action I call, and have called, “Extortion”. (Some of the posts, there are many more)

I have studied the actions of the NYC DOE for twenty years, and I have seen the worst possible violations of due process and non compliance with human rights…at least I thought I had. Now, in sum, I can say that the Department seems empowered to fire employees without any concern for rights , rules or laws, and they (the DOE) are not trying to hide what they are doing. The firing of more than 1000 employees due to the COVID Mandate fraud is just one example. I will call this the “I will terminate you because I will accuse you of something and make sure the arbitrator believes it is in his/her best interest to terminate you”.

The “I can so I will” kind of statement is familiar to moms like me who hear this kind of stuff from their 5-year old child.

I have written many times about the Julie DeVuono case, and how the Senior Investigator of the Special Commissioner of Investigation (“SCI”) “believed” that 92 DOE employees had defrauded the Department by submitting fake vaccination cards in order to continue working despite the COVID Mandate prohibiting anyone who did not get vaccinated from working with students:

EXCLUSIVE: Teachers Accused of Paying For Fake COVID Vaccination Cards Are Vindicated, Return To Their Jobs and Get Backpay

If you don’t want to read the whole post, just know that we won the lawsuit with all Petitioners getting their jobs back + backpay, thanks to ORDER OF JUDGE ABADI. The DOE did not Appeal this Order giving relief to all the Petitioners, but they did Appeal the part where Judge Abadi Ordered the Department to never do such a charge without due process again. TIP: the NYC DOE is still doing the same nonsense.

For example, I am doing a 3020-a right now for a teacher who was found guilty of  saying something “racist” (says the DOE), then given the punishment without any due process hearing. When he protested being punished without going to a due process 3020-a arbitration (he has been tenured for 29 years and he is totally innocent), the DOE charged him with insubordination for not allowing the DOE to punish him before and without any say in the matter. More on that case in a later post.

Unfortunately, we may see the DOE rise up again, because they always want a piece of the money pie, as I wrote above. Right this minute they may be creating 3020-a charges, with Gerald Conroy still “believing” that the Petitioners are guilty of lying, without any proof. See

Conroy Affirmation

Conroy’s “belief” that there was a high probability that all 92 DOE employees who went to Wild Child to get their shot intended on defrauding the DOE and therefore must be removed from salary within one working day without prior notice should scare everyone.

I will be following this carefully, because I can. That’s what moms like me say because they know what to do.


Julie Devuono, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Indicted For Selling Forged Vaccination Cards

NY nurse guilty in $1.5M COVID vaccine scam blames ‘government mandates’

Susan Edelman, NY POST, September 16, 2023

A Long Island nurse who raked in $1.5 million selling fake vaccine cards during the COVID-19 pandemic pleaded guilty on Friday to forgery and money laundering.

Julie DeVuono, 51, is expected to avoid jail, but must forfeit $1.2 million in criminal proceeds, do 840 hours of community service, surrender her license to practice, and shut down her pediatric business, Kids-on-Call.

“This defendant used her position as a nurse practitioner to circumvent the law by uploading false information into New York state-wide databases,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney.

“The defendant’s abuse of authority preyed upon the fears and mistrust of the public during the COVID shutdown to forge COVID cards for the vaccine she never administered, in pursuit of no other purpose than her own enrichment.”

DeVuono’s guilty plea comes after two co-defendants originally charged in the scheme, Marissa Urraro, a licensed practical nurse, and receptionist Brooke Hogan reached a secret agreement to testify against their ex-boss, The Post learned.

Tierney’s spokesmen would not discuss their cases, which are sealed.

DeVuono’s Wild Child Pediatric Center in Amityville received free shipments of 3,174 vaccine doses through the federal CDC.

Employees charged customers $220 to $350 for each dose falsely marked on a vax card for adults — and $85 for kids — then tossed the vaccine in the trash.

DeVuono laundered $236,980 from the scheme to pay off the mortgage on a home she shared with her husband, an NYPD cop, according to the DA.

DeVuono “accepted responsibility for her role and participation in administering fake vaccination cards,” her lawyer Steven Gaitman told The Post.

But vaccine mandates “interfered with our individual liberties and freedom of choice in making medical decisions,” he added. “While not excusing Julie’s conduct, this government intervention fostered and created the very issue in which Julie was complicit.”

The DA’s office refused to say whether any customers who bought the fake vax cards face criminal charges.

After the DA arrested DeVuono in January 2022, the Special Commission of Investigation for City Schools gave the city Department of Education the names of 92 employees who claimed they got vaccinated at Wild Child, citing “a high probability” that they had submitted false proof, records show.

The DOE suspended those employees without pay in April 2022, but later returned them to the city payroll, following lawsuits and union complaints of removal without due process.

The DOE “had no right to criminalize every person who went to Wild Child,”  said Betsy Combier, a paralegal who helped defend 30 of the accused teachers.

“The educators in the case I worked on all got vaccinated and did not defraud the department,” she said.

Nurse ‘laundered’ cash from $1.5M COVID vaccine fraud to pay off her mortgage: DA

Betsy Combier
Editor, ADVOCATZ Blog

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