SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 The Kidnapping of Andy Ostrowski: Where is He? How Can This Happen In America?

Andy Ostrowski
Andy Ostrowski

Many people are aware of the use of medical agencies and/or doctors to declare people  who are challenging the policies of an agency or exposing corruption and fraud,  as “crazy” in order to remove these people from the workplace, terminate their job, or harass these individuals so badly that they go away, get sick, or die.

If you are not aware, you should be.

There are many news articles on how whistleblowers – SnowdenEllsbergManning – or anyone who speaks out about public (or private) corruption is in danger of retaliation in America.

See how the MTA Police are failing their psych exam in large numbers. Is this because so many are ‘crazy’? Or, is there some policy at work to reduce the workforce in the MTA?

See “Retaliation Against All Whistleblowers is the Name of the Illegal Game in New York City”;
David Pakter, a NYC Teacher and Whistleblower of the NYC Board of Education’s Corrupt Practices, Sues in Federal Court
Stuyvesant High School Parents’ Association is Cited For Financial Fraud and Discrimination

It is extremely rare for someone to stand up and complain about the Big Boss and not have any retaliation thrown at him/her.

And then there are the doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who are hired by School Districts to falsely report that an employee is “crazy”, in order to get the employee removed from the workplace or terminated.

“Not in this country”? you say? Sadly, using medical reports to retaliate against an employee or anyone who challenges the ‘System’ is used all the time, especially against teachers and other tenured employees at the New York City Department of Education or in the many school districts throughout the State. One such doctor, Dr. Randall A. Solomon, whom I had the experience of meeting at a 3020-a arbitration in Massapequa, has been hired to terminate educators and public employees in Long Island at 913 examinations.

But kidnapping remains one of the most extreme weapons of attacks on whistleblowers, along with death (see Salvation, when a Pentagon employee is shot after he accesses information on his computer about a weapon which the US is supposedly developing to deter an asteroid on a path to wipe out all of earth’s population).

This is why the story of the disappearance of Andy Ostrowski is so disturbing. What happened to him could easily happen to anyone.

Betsy Combier
Editor, Advocatz
Editor, NYC Rubber Room Reporter
Editor, New York Court Corruption
Editor, National Public Voice
Editor, NYC Public Voice
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